Normic was born when Michele Nodari put together his knowledge of precision mechanics and his passion for sport fishing. Over the last 30 years this combination of expertise has taken him to all of the seas of the world hunting tuna and giant marlin.

All of his accumulated experience and passion have been poured into Normic products. They have been created with the goal of making big game fishing, both competitive and amateur, even more enjoyable for everyone.

Our products are entirely hand made in Italy by expert craftsmen who think about every detail of quality, reliability, and esthetics. They are fishing products crafted by fishermen. The records set; the competitions won; and many friends of Nomric can all attest to the world class quality of our products. 



The soul of our fishing rods lies in the ANS Blanks (Action Normic System), that ensures a quick catch, thanks to theirs fast auto-return action and the minimum lateral twisting of the rod. ANS Blanks feature one, two or three spines. Each type of rod reacts differently, so the angler can choose the one that suits his preferences the best according to the type of fishing they want to engage in (Stand-up, trolling, spinning, jigging, etc.) We can also make personalized products on request. Our artisans are happy to create the rod of your dreams based on your request. You can choose the color, the roller, the airbrush design, the fret wrap, etc.


Normic Rollers are technically advanced, light, and resistant. Their elegant form has been studied to best facilitate the passage of the line. They are completely hand made to guarantee the maximum reliability and durability. The inner roller features ball bearings that are fast and anti-corrosive. Duel Reels are the only ones in the world featuring an automatic transmission. The unique design of Duel’s new two-speed enables the angler to shift from a high ratio, to 1 to 1 without taking his hand from the reel’s handle and without the need for buttons to be pushed. When the angler cranks the handle forward, the reel is in high gear. When the angler reverses direction and cranks the handle backward, the reel is in low gear. This offers the fastest gear change possible, and is ideal for pumping a deep-swimming fish, especially in a stand-up fashion. Simply as that. They also have an anti-tangle system, that protects the line from unwanted entanglements when the line is unwinding and a quick spool replacement that allows to change the entire spool easily. The spool includes drag rings and springs; by changing the number of springs, you get drags to suit different lines

Normic’s Strike Line is the first red monofilament that is invisible to the fish, but not to the fisherman.  It also features reduced elasticity that allows you to bring the fish closer to you in the least amount of time possible. This line is derived from leader line so it is rigid on the outside but easy to tie.

Our belts and harnesses make boat fishing even more pleasant. Designed to cause less stress, they help the fisherman during each stage of the fighting, whether standing or sitting on a fighting chair. They are easy to put on, light weight and durable.

Our signature luxury line - Michele Nodari - Jewels of Fishing - brings esthetics to a new level for those who only want the best for their boat. The rollers are either gold plated or made entirely of white or yellow gold. Precious stones can also be set in the rollers. Luxurious skins are used for the grips, such as crocodile, snake, or others. A gold plated DUEL reel is added to complete the Jewel of Sea Fishing.

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“Let the fish get tired, you just think about having fun!”Michele Nodari